Triad HealthCare Network Deepens Relationship with Proficient Health to Enable More Efficient Referrals

Last Updated: On January 01, 2021

ACO eliminates paper-based workflows with fully integrated software solutions

GREENSBORO, N.C. – January 1, 2021 – Today Proficient Health announced that Triad HealthCare Network (THN), a physician-led accountable care organization, has selected PH Capture to enhance their current communication platform by eliminating paper-based processes.

THN is currently using PH Exchange, a Proficient Health referral management solution, to seamlessly connect providers using disparate systems across nearly 200 locations. PH Exchange allows THN practices to create, track and manage referrals in a centralized system that can integrate directly with each EHR instance. Practices and providers have full visibility into referral statuses and can easily receive follow-up notes or other clinical information.

Integrating PH Capture into PH Exchange will allow THN practices to receive all incoming faxes and information electronically and immediately assign into the correct workflow. The fully integrated solutions streamline information exchange from provider to provider and eliminate the need for paper faxing, printing and scanning.

“Integrating PH Capture with PH Exchange creates huge value for THN,” says Robb Hutchison, chief executive officer of Proficient Health. “It takes their referral management workflows to the next level. The days of lost faxes and paper shuffles are coming to an end!”

“We are eager to implement PH Capture throughout our network,” says Dr. David Grapey, chief medical director of Triad HealthCare Network. “Proficient Health has been instrumental in helping THN standardize referrals and reduce out-of-network referrals. Adding the PH Capture module will help round out the workflow and drive tremendous efficiencies.”

THN’s implementation of the PH Capture module will begin immediately. The integration of PH Capture with PH Exchange is available to all new and existing Proficient Health clients.

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