PH Connect

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Stop playing phone tag & reach the right provider every time. Connect all providers with one clinical communication solution, even community providers.
Ph Connect benefits
The Proficient Health Solution

Connect All of Your Providers with One Clinical Communication System

  • Workflow

    Improve Throughput

    Decrease average length of stay

  • Patient satisfaction

    Provider Satisfaction

    Improve communication to the hospital and specialists

  • Analytics

    Real-Time Insights

    Track new consults

How it works

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Ph Connect benefits
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    Improve relationships with your referring providers

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    Decrease LOS by alerting in near-time of a consult request

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    Enhance patient experience by making care decisions quickly and efficiently

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    Create transparency in your communication process

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    Reduce security risks with end-to-end encryption

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    Simple pricing model, includes unlimited users

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“Ensuring providers connect as quickly as possible to deliver the best patient care.”

Peter Marks Vice President & Chief Information Officer, WakeMed Health & Hospitals
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“PH Connect has truly revolutionized the way we take care of patients.”

Wake Orthopaedics Testimonial Proficient Health
Mark Wood MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Medical Director of NCFC, Wake Ortho
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“It is an efficient way to connect with the specialists.”

Oberlin Road Proficient Health Testimonial
Brad Wasserman MD, Pediatrician, Oberlin Road Pediatrics

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