Using Electronic Faxing to Streamline Processes and Improve Efficiency

Manual and paper processes trap information in silos

Hospitals and independent care providers rarely use the same EHR platform, making it difficult to share and manage referrals and other protected health information (PHI). Faxing is frequently the tool of choice for bridging this technology divide, but paper faxing is far from efficient.

Traditional faxing isolates important documents, often in stacks of paper on a person’s desk or in a file folder waiting to be processed, leading to lost, misfiled or misplaced information. Those who need the PHI have no way of getting it until it has been scanned into the patient record.

To further complicate the paper chase, each department throughout a hospital has developed their own processes that work best. The lack in consistency makes it difficult to work together and have the needed patient information.

PH Capture brings in faxes electronically and provides document visibility

PH Capture provides an efficient solution to these challenges with electronic faxing and document management. PH Capture gathers all incoming information about a patient – clinical documents, care plans, medication lists, etc. into one central location available to all people who need it when they need it.

85% cost reduction per fax page and improved workflow efficiency

Information once buried in paper is now easily identifiable and simple to keep track of. PH Capture automates processes for clinical information with streamlined, customized workflows specific to each department’s needs. Complete visibility of needed clinical information will close the communication gap and improve workflow efficiency.

Hospitals using PH Capture for faxing and document management have seen up to 85% cost reduction per fax page and an average of 30% full-time employee saving. Employee satisfaction is increased through reduced phone time and hours spent manually faxing.

Integrations between an EHR and PH Capture ensure all information is stored in the patient record and easily accessible with a single click.