Increasing Efficiency in Labs and Improving Patient Satisfaction

Lab orders trapped in paper silos

Incompatible systems make it difficult to efficiently share and manage information in multi-location departments throughout a health system. One Proficient Health customer found that their lab department’s methods for sending and receiving orders were trapping patient information in silos and leading to extended patient wait times.

Lab orders were being faxed via paper, retrieved from the fax machine and filed in a cabinet until the patient presented for their lab work. A simple process that would typically work for a single-location lab began creating delays across a growing health system.

Patients are given the opportunity to have their lab work completed at a location most convenient to them, however, depending on the destination of the faxed order, the patient could be left waiting for hours as calls were made throughout the system to locate the missing order.

Accessible information at any lab location

PH Capture provides an efficient solution to their challenges with electronic faxing and document management. Now, the lab receives their faxed orders into PH Capture which is accessible to all facilities, no matter their location.

PH Capture automates processes with lab orders to ensure they are up to date and accurate by setting expiration dates or marking as recurring– this information once buried in paper is now easily identifiable and simple to keep track of. PH Capture makes it easy to fax back to request additional or updated information.

Increased efficiency and shorter wait times

Complete visibility for orders increases patient satisfaction knowing all information has been received and will not hinder their visit.

EHR and patient record integrations eliminate the need for printing and scanning while creating overall transparency and support for multiple locations and providers.

“Using PH Capture has made our department easier and more efficient to communicate with. We never lose or misplace faxes and patient information because they land directly into PH Capture, rather than on the fax machine.”