There’s an app for that!

There's an app for that!


Proficient Health’s flagship solution, PH Capture, has improved and expanded with our ongoing commitment to continued innovation in healthcare technology. PH Capture began as a desktop application installed on users’ computers and progressed to a unique URL accessible on any computer. We’re excited to announce that PH Capture is continuing to evolve to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile healthcare workforce. With that in mind, we have launched a mobile scanning application!
PH Capture combines server and data extract protocols with powerful document management capabilities, allowing customers to leave old-school faxing and endless paper trails in the past. Organizations using PH Capture, redirect their fax lines to Proficient Health’s built-in data center making physician orders, patient records and referral requests immediately available online and easy to access, store and track.
We sat down with Jeff Kramer, Senior VP of Product Group at Proficient Health, to learn more and the impact this feature will have for our customers…
What exactly does the mobile PH Capture app do? 
Our new mobile healthcare application is being used by employees who are out in the field on a daily basis – it gives them the ability to take pictures (on their phone) of documents real-time and upload them directly into PH Capture. The photos are not stored on the phone’s camera roll, keeping the information private, safe and secure (HIPAA compliant).
Why was the mobile PH Capture app designed?
Jeff: For home health specifically, there are a number of cases where important forms need to be signed and processed quickly and securely to ensure transition of care. The old method was to print out paper forms, get them signed, and then either carry them back to the office manually or fax them to the office, both of which are very error-prone and unsecure. With a quick photo snap of the document and a follow-on step to name it and select the department to send to, it’s sent immediately and securely.
How will the application benefit our customers and what value does it bring? 
Jeff: This new app eliminates the unsecure paper and faxing. It’s saving time and effort, and improving the patient experience and continuity of care.
Will all customers use this app? 
Jeff: Right now, home health is the main focus. But it will benefit and be available to any organizations who have employees working remotely and need to get important and time-sensitive information into PH Capture securely and efficiently.
How does the app impact employees and patient care?
Jeff: It is 100% HIPAA compliant and employees can have the peace of mind knowing that. Eliminating the need for paper workflows will give employees more time for patient care. There will be fewer errors and information will be processed more quickly which expedites and improves care coordination.