Specialist Engagement: 10 Strategies for Getting Specialists Onboard with your Cost, Quality and Patient Satisfaction Goals

Specialist Engagement: 10 Strategies for Getting Specialists Onboard

Why are accountable care organizations placing emphasis on specialist engagement? Specialty care drives 40-60% of medical costs and furthermore, specialists are critical to care delivery. There are many factors that can cause specialists to feel unengaged with their ACO including a lack of incentives or the perception that specialists are cost drivers rather than care partners.

It’s important to use holistic, data-driven and technology-enabled approaches to engage specialists. Proficient Health & Roji Health Intelligence hosted a webinar to explore the top 10 strategies to promote engagement.  A few strategies include:

  • Establish regular communication protocols with specialists
  • Implement technology that enables collaboration, lowers costs and improves patient satisfaction
  • Develop a specialist focus compensation plan rewarding cost, clinical and operational excellence
  • Regularly evaluate network membership

Check out the full webinar and PowerPoint presentation here. 

Proficient Health specializes in providing technology that enables communication for urgent and non-urgent referrals. Breaking down the communication barrier between primary care providers and specialists will enhance engagement, support better patient care, easier consults, improved operational efficiencies, enhanced in-network optimization, and reduced costs for both healthcare providers and patients.

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