RECAP: Aligning your Children’s Hospital with Community Providers Webinar

WakeMed Children’s and PM Pediatrics joined Proficient Health in our latest webinar, “Aligning your Children’s Hospital with Community Providers.” This webinar discusses how your children’s hospital can create an alignment strategy that incorporates referring and community providers that will improve your quality, communication and engagement. 

Dr. Karen Chilton began the webinar by discussing how people prefer communication and engagement to come in different forms. In order to improve engagement with community providers it is important to communicate with them from different directions and really include them in the conversation. Dr. Chilton attributes a lot of WakeMed Children’s engagement with community providers to their efforts to provide them a seat at the strategic table. Dr. Chilton had this to say about WakeMed’s efforts in engaging community providers. “We try to be really intentional that community providers maintain significant seats at the table when we are having those strategic conversations.” 

Next we heard from Dr. Stephen Leinenweber, Vice President of Strategy at PM Pediatrics, about improving quality care in children’s hospitals. He was able to share a critical example of how having community physicians at the strategic table led to a partnership between PM Pediatrics and WakeMed, allowing for the highest quality care at the lowest cost through pediatric urgent care for situations not necessarily needing to visit an emergency room. 

Debra Laughery, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at WakeMed Health & Hospitals finished out our webinar by discussing the communication efforts that her department takes on to support the mission to work closely with community providers. She also brings our discussion full circle by mentioning the importance of the physicians always having a seat at the table, not only when there is an urgent need for them. 


Other Learning Objectives Covered:

  • Develop a culture of quality within your organization & community providers
  • Implement actionable strategies to improve processes and lower costs
  • Benefits of improved communication and immediate access
  • Control provider burnout while increasing access


  • Stephen Leinenweber, MD, Vice President of Strategy, PM Pediatrics 
  • David Hoover, MD, WakeMed Children’s Hospital
  • Karen Chilton, MD, Chief Medical Officer, WakeMed Children’s
  • Debra Laughery, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, WakeMed Health & Hospitals