Growth, Access, and Capacity Impacting Children’s Hospitals in 2022

Children’s hospitals are faced with new challenges daily and the solutions are often part of a multi-year strategy to see results. After navigating through COVID for the past 24 months, it appears we’re going to be able to get back to some of the challenges that existed prior to March 2020 while tackling others that are a result of the pandemic. 

Three areas of impact for this year will be growth, access and capacity. Let us elaborate a bit on these three challenges…


Impacting provider access while protecting time off. 

Referring and community providers need access to hospital providers when they refer their patients. As care is transferred, it’s crucial that the primary care provider understands the plan of care and how their patients are being treated. Not only does this improve relationships with the referring providers but also enhances the patient experience by making care decisions efficiently. 


Driving growth in competitive environments.

Whether a standalone hospital or a “hospital within a hospital”, children’s hospitals face unique challenges for growth and staying connected to referring providers. The key to being top of mind for referrals is being easy to communicate with. In many areas, referring providers are geographically dispersed and need streamlined communication to ensure referrals are received timely and a patient’s care is being prioritized appropriately. 


Decreasing average length of stay while managing capacity.

Managing capacity has proven to be more important now than ever with many hospitals running at full capacity. Inefficient processes created by disparate technologies create a communication barrier leading to long wait times for specialist consults and increased length of stay. 

Resistance to new technology creates an additional layer to the solution roadblock but easy to use, intuitive and efficient technology leads to quick adoption and measurable outcomes. Long-term transformation can be quickly achieved through better communication within the hospital and with community providers. 

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