Reach the right provider – every time.

Phone tag, unanswered pages and navigating through call centers and answering service queues can be frustrating and slow decision-making at the point of care. PH Connect™ offers a powerful, time-saving communication alternative, making it simple to connect with the provider you need when you need them – whether working from your desktop or from your mobile device of choice. 

PH Connect enables communication and collaboration community-wide, across the entire healthcare continuum; from front end primary care providers, urgent care centers, and athletic trainers; through the ED, specialists and hospitalists; all the way through to the post-acute home health, rehab and long-term care providers. 

Like all Proficient Health solutions, PH Connect streamlines access, improves the direct admission process and makes referrals easier and more efficient. Duplicate tests, unnecessary diagnostics and unnecessary hospital stays can also be avoided. All of this leads to better patient care, increased overall productivity and satisfaction of physicians and other staff and widespread user adoption. 

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+ How it works

Our secure, web-based mobile messaging platform makes it simple to contact the right provider based on roles, names or locations. No more guesswork. You can connect directly to a provider, a practice or a service line without knowing schedules or even names. Each message is intelligently routed and delivered to the appropriate person and device for faster response times at the point of care, while aligning with existing clinical workflows and minimizing disruptions.

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+ Key features & benefits

  • Engage the entire community through access, availability and responsiveness.
  • Automate connection to the right person at the right time with intelligent routing based on roles, locations, schedules, message type and physician preferences.
  • Allow providers to make an urgent referral via your current website and immediately reach the right person.
  • Streamline access to services and providers/specialist.
  • Improve utilization of resources.
  • Improve patient throughput.
  • Minimize disruptions with “RapidPair” feature during surgeries/procedures.
  • Enhance patient experience by making care decisions quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduce security risks with end-to-end encryption of all messages and attachments.
  • Compliant with all HIPAA and security requirements.