WakeMed Health Eliminates Communication Barriers to Speed Care Delivery

Last Updated: On October 20, 2021

GREENSBORO, N.C. – October 20, 2021 – Today Proficient Health® announced WakeMed Health is using PH Connect®, a provider communication application, to notify providers in the hospital when a consult request is made, speeding care delivery and decreasing average length of stay throughout ancillary departments. 

Consult orders can be communicated numerous ways – the most straightforward being for a provider to send a request directly to a colleagues’ EHR inbox. The colleague could be on vacation, out for an emergency, seeing other patients or simply not checking their inbox. When requests are sent to a group or speciality, rather than an individual provider, the request must then be triaged creating further delay. 

WakeMed is leveraging PH Connect’s integration with the EHR, in addition to PH Connect’s feature – Intelligent Consult Notification (ICN) functionality to automate message routing and enable real-time notifications. 

PH Connect uniquely and intelligently routes messages based on many different factors, including clinical service resource availability (residents, PAs, etc.), time of day, consulting physician workflow and preferences, to ensure that the consult is automatically delivered to the right person – the first time.

“WakeMed is known for the high-quality patient care they provide,” says Robb Hutchison, chief executive officer of Proficient Health. “PH Connect is further supporting this by improving communication and streamlining processes to decrease average length of stay. With PH Connect, most consult requests are read in under one minute.”

For more information on PH Connect, visit https://profhealthprd.wpengine.com/provider-communication/.

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