Proficient Health offers an integrated suite of solutions specifically for the healthcare industry, to support referral management needs for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs), both large & small health systems, children’s hospitals and payers. PH Exchange, PH Connect & PH Capture can work together seamlessly for organizations seeking a fully integrated approach, or as standalone solutions for those seeking to solve specific challenges now and grow from there.

We’re setting new standards by offering solutions to connect your entire care community from hospitals and health systems to individual providers on the go. Understanding the importance of collaboration in healthcare, our solutions work hand-in-hand with an organization's existing EHR and disparate EHRs. 

Proficient Health drives:

  • Better communication & care coordination among providers (both in the inpatient and outpatient settings)

  • Streamlined patient referrals & consults

  • Better patient care

  • Improved operational efficiencies

  • Enhanced in-network optimization 

  • Reduced costs for both healthcare providers and patients

Reach the right provider – every time.

Send and receive referrals, seamlessly and securely.

One of the big challenges faced by healthcare organizations is the technology divide. How do you work efficiently with practices that aren’t on –the same EHR or even with internal departments that use incompatible legacy systems?   

PH Exchange™ makes it easy to communicate seamlessly, securely and affordably across disparate systems, regardless of the technology or paper-based processes used. Our HIPAA-compliant, web-based solution acts as an EHR companion to each system used by members of a healthcare community. We provide an electronic bridge that makes it simple to exchange clinical information securely online – speeding communication, eliminating delays in patient care and reducing costs.

PH Exchange is most often used to automate patient referral workflows. But it can also be used to solve a wide range of information management challenges – from collecting reporting data to arming affiliated field workers with an easy way to capture, submit and share notes on patient visits.

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Reach the right provider – every time.

Reach the right provider – every time.

Phone tag, unanswered pages and navigating through call centers and answering service queues can be frustrating and slow decision-making at the point of care. PH Connect™ offers a powerful, time-saving communication alternative, making it simple to connect with the provider you need when you need them – whether working from your desktop or from your mobile device of choice. 

PH Connect enables communication and collaboration community-wide, across the entire healthcare continuum; from front end primary care providers, urgent care centers, and athletic trainers; through the ED, specialists and hospitalists; all the way through to the post-acute home health, rehab and long-term care providers. 

Like all Proficient Health solutions, PH Connect streamlines access, improves the direct admission process and makes referrals easier and more efficient. Duplicate tests, unnecessary diagnostics and unnecessary hospital stays can also be avoided. All of this leads to better patient care, increased overall productivity and satisfaction of physicians and other staff and widespread user adoption. 

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Go paper-free. Share & manage information online.

Go paper-free. Share & manage information online.

Incompatible systems between hospitals, health systems, provider practices,etc. make it nearly impossible to share protected health information securely. Faxes are sent back and forth to communicate but are often insufficient as they are incomplete or misplaced.  

PH Capture™ provides a simple solution to this problem with a streamlined, paperless, customized workflow that reduces labor costs and lowers overall operational costs. Our solution converts faxes into HIPAA-compliant electronic files that can be managed and shared online-- eliminating the paper-shuffling, copying and scanning. Each workflow is customized to your department, even down nomenclature.

PH Capture will integrate with the organization/practices’ EHR, and electronic files can be exported directly into the patient’s record.

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