Proficient Health offers an integrated suite of solutions designed to support your referral management and communication needs. Exchange, Connect & Capture can work together seamlessly for organizations seeking a fully integrated approach, or as standalone solutions for those seeking to solve specific challenges now and grow from there.

We are setting new standards by delivering the only referral management solution on the market that can link your entire care community from hospitals and health systems to individual providers on the go. Regardless of your EHR, we're providing easy and secure communication and a seamless transition of care.

Share information freely across communities of providers.

One of the challenges faced by any accountable care organization, hospital or health system is how to work efficiently with practices that aren’t part of your network and aren’t using your EHR of choice. Proficient Exchange makes it easy for any community of providers to work together seamlessly and securely, regardless of the systems they use. You can make referrals, share patient information and deliver better-coordinated care. And you can do it hassle-free.

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Reach the right clinician – right away.

Phone tag, unanswered pages and navigating through call center and answering service queues can be frustrating and slow decision-making at the point of care. With RapidConnect, you get a powerful, time-saving alternative. We make it simple for you to find who you need, when you need them – whether working from your desktop or from your mobile device of choice.

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Go paper-free. Share & manage healthcare information online.

Incompatible systems make it a challenge to share protected healthcare information across practices. Most providers use old-school faxing as a stopgap. Now, though, there is a better way. Proficient Capture converts faxes into HIPAA-compliant electronic files that can be managed and shared online. No more paper-shuffling, copying and scanning.

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