Send and receive referrals, seamlessly and securely.

One of the big challenges faced by healthcare organizations is the technology divide. How do you work efficiently with practices that aren’t on –the same EHR or even with internal departments that use incompatible legacy systems?   

PH Exchange™ makes it easy to communicate seamlessly, securely and affordably across disparate systems, regardless of the technology or paper-based processes used. Our HIPAA-compliant, web-based solution acts as an EHR companion to each system used by members of a healthcare community. We provide an electronic bridge that makes it simple to exchange clinical information securely online – speeding communication, eliminating delays in patient care and reducing costs.

PH Exchange is most often used to automate patient referral workflows. But it can also be used to solve a wide range of information management challenges – from collecting reporting data to arming affiliated field workers with an easy way to capture, submit and share notes on patient visits.

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+ How it works

PH Exchange serves as a secure, cloud-based, EHR companion. Our powerful software interface makes it easy to generate, manage and track referrals and other patient-centric information – sharing images, files and records of any type. Standards-based, data extraction protocols support bi-directional communication to and from any legacy systems or any EHR of choice. That means our customers can capture data electronically and automatically keep their records in sync without copying, scanning or rekeying. 

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+ Key features & benefits

  • Bridge internal and external networks, systems, departments, facilities and providers to provide seamless communication.
  • Integrate with lightweight interfaces to and from each EHR to synchronize all information.
  • Capture, share and manage all incoming & outgoing clinical information.
  • Tailored solution to the workflows and needs of the organization.
  • Support for shared savings goals and meet CMS quality metrics.
  • Improve care delivery by tracking patients from the minute a referral is created, Streamline workflows by eliminating faxing, scanning and rekeying.
  • Eliminate phone tag with automated referral status updates.
  • Use built-in analytics to uncover trends and important information once buried in paper.
  • Rapid ROI with no capital or hardware investments and subscription-based pricing.
  • Simple to use on any internet-connected device.
  • Go-live quickly with training options to best fit your organization.