Go paper-free. Share & manage healthcare information online.

Incompatible systems between hospitals, health systems, provider practices,etc. make it nearly impossible to share protected health information securely. Faxes are sent back and forth to communicate but are often insufficient as they are incomplete or misplaced.  

PH Capture™ provides a simple solution to this problem with a streamlined, paperless, customized workflow that reduces labor costs and lowers overall operational costs. Our solution converts faxes into HIPAA-compliant electronic files that can be managed and shared online-- eliminating the paper-shuffling, copying and scanning. Each workflow is customized to your department, even down nomenclature.

PH Capture will integrate with the organization/practices’ EHR, and electronic files can be exported directly into the patient’s record.

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+ How it works

PH Capture combines fax servers and data extract protocols with powerful document management software tailored for healthcare. To use our solution, simply forward your fax lines to our data center. Physician orders, patient records and other documents faxed to you are immediately available online as electronic files. You can securely view, sort, save and search information, share it with the right departments and export it to your EHR. All paper-free.

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+ Key features & benefits

  • Rapid return on investment by reducing labor and operational costs.
  • Improve communication with full visibility to incoming document regardless of location.
  • Significant labor and productivity savings with reduced phone time and hours spent manually faxing.
  • Gains in physician, staff and staff satisfaction as your communication improves.
  • Easy, seamless implementation with no disruption to your organization.
  • Web-based with no software installation required.
  • Compatible with existing IT investments and lightweight interfaces to export information directly into your EHR.
  • Customize to match department, practice or organizations workflows and terminology.
  • Compliant with all HIPAA and security requirements.
  • Easy to use with minimal training that can be completed within hours.
  • Utilize reporting tools to uncover trends and numbers that were previously unknown.